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Location: Chicago, IL Department: Marketing

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A Few Things About Us

Our team is now over 55 strong. We profitably bootstrapped the business for four years and then accepted a $34 million dollar investment from Accel in 2011.

Our appealing work environment includes highly competent co-workers, competitive pay, engaging work, casual dress, full health, vision and dental benefits, 401k with employer match, and ride around around on us with Uber credits. We have a dart board, foosball, and ping-pong table in the office. We work very hard and have a lot of fun. We thrive on doing things better, more efficiently, and smarter. We are a flat organization. We don't have an employee hierarchy and you choose your own title. We don't have a vacation policy; we trust people to get their work done and maintain a proper work life balance. We're not looking for people who want to move into management because we don't have it here.

We believe that culture is the totality of values, beliefs, behavior, incentives and organization. It’s not created from a company retreat, it doesn’t take shape from a vision statement, and it cannot be forced by a “top down” approach. Culture is a living organism and is the summation of all inputs.

What’s more, we believe that no cultural foundation will be sustainable and have the critical force to withstand time and change unless it’s the preeminent objective and the prerequisite to all other actions. Success will only be achieved when culture becomes habitual, self-reinforced, self-sustaining and frequently refreshed.

We believe that culture is the foundation and primary driver for any organization, and that enduring success requires great vigilance and care by everyone.
The Braintree Compass

    Be good, do good.
    Help others succeed and celebrate their accomplishments.
    Find reasons to be grateful and express it frequently.
    Inspire others by being your best.
    Be quick to empathize and slow to criticize.

The Braintree work ethos

    Don’t be a monkey. Question everything; don't rely on assumptions.
    Use Pareto to aim for the 80 and Parkinson to avoid time traps.
    Swim in solutions, not problems.
    There has got to be a better way, let’s figure it out.
    Provide immediate, honest, and tactful feedback. Let nothing linger.

What we value in each other

    Self Management: both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel
    Ownership: I’ve got it, you don’t need to think about it.
    Initiative: getting things done without the slightest nudge
    Virtue: honesty, humility, thoughtfulness, kindness, and appreciation.
    Problem solving: nothing that can’t be solved
    Team work: we before I.

What Makes Us Tick

Doing things right. It's just part of our DNA. We want to do things better, more efficiently, smarter and ultimately, provide something useful.

It's the means, not the ends that drive and interest us. We could be involved in any industry, doing just about anything, and our motivations would stay the same. We love hacking and improving and we thrive on positive client feedback.